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     The JTBC is committed to bring the best instructors for our student. Traditional karate is officially included in the 2020  Tokyo Olympics. Kudokan Judo is one of the Olympic Sports and we have some of the best instructor to make it possible to our students to achieve their goals. The JTBC want to give the best opportunity to our student to be part of 2020 summer Olympics event. We have a great hope that one or more of our student will be part of the first Karate inauguration into the Olympics. The JTBC is an official certified member of the Olympic Committee. The JTBC goal is to have our students be part of the Olympic move. 

The ancient name for dragonfly was 'kachimushi'. 'Kachi' means 'victory' and 'mushi' means 'insect'. Therefore samurai used to like to use the motif of the dragonfly as a symbol of victory.


USA Philadelphia Open and National Qualifier 2019

May 4-5, 2019

New venue will be announced soon.



       Karate do is not a sport , but a combat system developed by the elite Samurai class. It has passed the test of time and proved itself in the battle fields for over 600 years. We created leaders and winners. Tradition is the heart of the system. Learn the way of the Japanese warriors.

       Karate-do is probably the most widely practiced martial art in the world. Other popular martial arts, such as Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Aikido, are practiced in some countries, though not in others. Karate, though, seems to be practiced everywhere. The reasons are many. As a method of self-defense, karate is  unparalleled. It's karate-do, the study of karate as a way of life. Everybody can  benefit from this aspect of the art because each

   of  us can become at least a  little bit better of a person, with better character and increased sensitivity.  Virtually anyone who enjoys average health, regardless of age or sex, may participate. Tae kwon do's high, spinning kicks, and judo's and aikido's hard jarring falls eliminate  many older members of society from practicing these arts. Karate, though, doesn't  impose any such limitations. You can practice karate fast or slow, hard or soft, intensely or gently. You can do it at your own pace, and you can practice  effectively by yourself (provided, of course, that you are under the guidance of  a qualified instructor).

      We invite you to follow us along the path of karate-do. We promise you an interesting, exciting, challenging, and safe  journey. We are a non-profit   associated with Amateur Athletic Union group under the 501(c)(3). Tax deductible donations and personal as well as corporate sponsorships can be made for the school and the team. PAL, Community Organizers, School Directors, Recreation Directors and Directors of Community Centers that are interested in the after-school program are requested to get in touch with JTBC to arrange a suitable program in their respective locations.The Japanese Traditional Budo Center is a proud member of two of the oldest and  most respectable organizations dedicated to the promotion of martial arts in the  United States. Both organizations are non-profit groups. One is the USA National  Karate-do Federation (www.usankf.org), the only karate organization that is sanctioned by the U.S. Olympic  Committee (USOC). The other organization is The Amateur Athletic Union of the USA (www.aausports.org). It was created  in 1888 to establish standards and uniformity in amateur sport.

      The JTBC is proud to promote the traditional karate to the 2020 Japan Summer Olympics. We hope one of our student will be one of the first in participated as an athlete.